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By contributing images/photographs to this site and related sites you agree to the following:

YOU are responsible for model-releases and privacy concerns. YOU MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF IN REGARDS TO THE LEGALITIES OF SELLING PHOTOS. If you are not sure about a photo, do not upload it!

You agree to license images uploaded to Acclaim Imagery Ltd. and its affiliate sites and have the legal right to do so.

You will contribute only your original images to which you own the copyright.
You will not contribute images created from or based upon another artist's work.

You will contribute only images you created or that were created for you as "work-for-hire" and to which you own the copyright.

Acclaim Imagery Ltd. will retain a fifty percent (50%) commission on net sales collected on your behalf. Payments will be made to you monthly, no more than 3 months after a sale has been received by Acclaim Imagery Ltd., unless agreed to by both parties.

We will only pay you for payments successfully processed. Fraudulent payments, refunds and charge backs will not be paid out or will be deducted from future payments if already paid.

You are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings. Taxes are not withheld.

You will not upload photos of people or property taken in non-public places, or that may infringe upon a persons' privacy, unless you have obtained a legally valid release.

You are solely responsible for procuring model releases and property releases and may only claim a release if you have it available in writing and have provided compensation to the model or property owner.

Images designated by you as Royalty-Free will be licensed under our royalty-free license.

Royalty-Free Image pricing will be determined using an internal algorithm based on pixel count. Prices may vary depending on market conditions.
Current image pricing may be found by viewing images on the site.

Rights-Managed pricing will be based as closely as possible on industry standards.

Acclaim Imagery Ltd. may offer discounts, special prices or even free use of images for promotional purposes.

You grant non-exclusive rights to Acclaim Imagery Ltd. to display and publish images uploaded to our servers. Acclaim Imagery Ltd. may display advertising or promotional materials for 3rd parties on the same pages as your images.

Acclaim Imagery Ltd. may negotiate prices and licensing for the images you designate as Rights-Managed.
You agree to provide accurate information in regards to all licenses issued for a particular image so that we may negotiate in good faith on your behalf.

Your images may be removed/deleted from Acclaim Imagery Ltd. sites at any time, for any reason, without recourse and without notice, either by you or Acclaim Imagery Ltd.

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