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High resolution photos are provided in JPEG RGB format and are suitable for print publication as well as large digital presentations. Images may be provided as TIFF or other formats upon request.

Illustrations may be in JPEG or eps format. EPS files are resolution independent. This means you may size them to virtually any size or resolution. A low resolution, web version, suitable for use in digital presentations, or printed at small sizes, is also available.

Page Info

On the page to the right of the image you will find image information such as the image size in inches, the uncompressed filesize in megabytes (pixels wide x pixels high x 3 channels), and the actual file size and file format you will receive if you purchase an image license.

Image Use

You must purchase a license for each image. Royalty-Free refers to the fact that there are no royalties charged once you have purchased an image license. An image license is good for one end-user only but a Royalty-Free image may be used for a wide variety of uses.

Rights-Managed images are licensed for a specific use by a specific user. These images offer greater excusivity and therefore the cost is usually greater, however, certain uses may actually be less than a Royalty-Free image license.

CMYK Color Separations

Your pre-press provider or printer will be able to convert the images to CMYK for 4-color process printing. Conversion to CMYK should only be done by someone trained in color separation and knowledgable about the printing process.

DPI Setting & Image Resolution

The image resolution should be set to 300 dpi but in the event that you receive a high resolution image with a resolution setting other than 300 dpi simply open the image in Adobe Photoshop, select Image Size... from under the Image menu, uncheck the Resample Image option, enter "300" for the Resolution and save the image as a TIFF file. Saving as a TIFF file will give you a perfect copy of the image you downloaded with just the resolution setting changed. Alternately, you can ignore the improper resolution setting and simply resize the image on the page. The setting has no real effect on image quality.

The vast majority of images on Acclaim Stock Photography.com have been maximized for size so you should not expect to increase the size of an image without sacrificing quality. You may wish to contact the photographer, who will have a link on the page of the photo you are interested in, and inquire as to whether the image is available in a larger size.

Ordering Prints & Posters

Maximum print sizes are based on a resolution of 150dpi so if you need absolute top quality you may wish to order a smaller size.

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