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Our photographers of Acclaim, presented in the order in which they joined Acclaim Images:

Fred Voetsch   View Photos   Email   Medford, OR

Former owner and founder of Acclaim Images. Fred was located in Medford, Oregon and unfortunately passed away in October, 2014. He is very much missed...

Maranda Griffin   View Photos   Email   Medford, OR

I have such a passion for photography. I've always been crazy about pictures. The memories they record and the fulfillment that I get from capturing the very essence of life, nature, or maybe just an artistic view that would ordinarily never be seen is amazing to me.

Dmitriy Margolin   View Photos   Email   Buffalo Grove, IL

Originally, I'm from Odessa, Ukraine (Eastern Europe). Photography became by hobby, passion a long time ago, when I was a kid and my father taught me how to set an aperture and shutter speed for better exposure. After I moved to the United States, I opened new horizons for my passion, and not only in equipment but also in opportunity to see new places and record then in a memory as I see them.

Raine Vara   View Photos   Email   Unionville, Ontario

Canadian photographer specializing in still life. Photography to me is the ability to appreciate the world one frame at a time.

Larry O Gay   View Photos   Email   Bessemer, AL

Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life.

Willis Anderson   View Photos   Email   Hillsboro, OR

Andrew Coupe   View Photos   Email   Milton Keynes, UK

My passions are wildlife and nature photography, including macro. But just about any type of photography interests me and I get a buzz out of producing an image I like, whatever the subject!

Jodie Coston   View Photos   Email   Somers, MT

I'm a freelance photographer, writer and photography instructor. I enjoy fine art and stock photography and my photographs have been exhibited all over the world.

Gloria-Leigh Logan   View Photos   Email   Eumundi, QLD

I have a true passion for photography on a very broad scale and knew that photography was going to be my life's purpose from the age of 12. I work with a digital camera (Canon D60) which has been the best investment that I have ever made. I love it when my work brings a smile to the face of others and when it can be shared with many.

Verna Bice   View Photos   Email   Lake Jackson, Texas

Owner of Bice & Bowers Photography Studio, located on the Texas Gulf Coast. I come from a long line of photographers and have always had both art and photography in my life. While I do not think of myself as having a specialty I do especially enjoy the creative process involved with making concept photos. My subject matter includes animals, flowers, portraitures, business concept, abstract, still life, cityscape, and anything else that catches my eye.

Chuck F Koonce   View Photos   Email   Seattle, WA

30 years of experience, portrait, commerical and medium and large format landscape photography. I shoot with Phase One P24, P30 backs and D2X cameras, I use Nikon and Mamiya glass for the most part. I am a certified mountaineering and ski guide in the cascades. I also spend a lot of time racing sailboats.

Jim Christensen   View Photos   Email   Duluth, MN

Digital Photographer Living in Minnesota. I make a western swing through the Rockies concentrating on the Tetons and Yellowstone each September. Though my passion is wildlife, I get great pleasure making images of almost any kind.

Cary Ulrich   View Photos   Email   Wenatchee, WA

I am a self taught photographer with 15 years of shooting flowers, wildlife and National Parks of the Western United States. I have just made the switch to digital with a Canon EOS 10D and have added a 100-400mm Canon IS lens to my collection. I love to travel and find new things to photograph.

Ben Kopilow   View Photos   Email   Tuggeranong, ACT

I am a full-time photographer working in Canberra, Australia's capital. I got bitten by the photography bug when digital got going. My camera never leaves my side & I photograph literally everything & anything that catches my eye. Digital allows me to feed my addition with no limits. It is a great privilege to earn a living doing something I love so much.

Bill Horn   View Photos   Email   Choctaw, OK

I began my photograhy career over 30 years ago as a photojournalist. I worked at two local newspapers shooting mainly sports, but then my interest turned to nature photography. I am a lifelong resident of Oklahoma. For the last 10 years, I have been freelancing on my own. My specialty is bird photography. I enjoy travelling the country photographing birds in their natural habitat.

Tan Kian Khoon   View Photos   Email   Selangor, Malaysia

I'm from Malaysia, located in South East Asia. My favorites are shooting landscape, architecture and macro, I'm fully into digital photography now.

Beth Conant   View Photos   Email   Boothbay, ME

Specializing in photography of New England (concentration in Maine) and Pennsylvania; scenics, vacation spots, rural and nautical subjects. I also have a collection of Pittsburgh photos for anyone who is interested.

Cathy McKinty   View Photos   Email   Northamptonshire, England

The advance of digital technology has allowed me to marry together my three passions in life, digital imaging, photography and art. It allows me unlimited freedom to explore ideas and concepts in a way that just couln't be done using any other medium. I shoot with the Canon EOS300D. I have recently ventured into the world of producing advertising images.

Ron Solomon   View Photos   Email   Baltimore,, MD

I am a working professional with a specialty in Architecture, Interiors and Travel. I have thirty years experience in all formats from digital to 4X5.

Crystal Munoz   View Photos   Email   Ashland, OR

As a photographer, it is through the capturing of candid moments and emotions that is something I feel passionate about. I know that I will always be a continual participant of such a hobby I love.

Amy Rothstein   View Photos   Email   Waltham, MA

My style shows the composition and balance that I learned as a page production artist, and a native love of rich colors. I use a Canon 40D, and my favorite lens is my 100mm macro.

Larry Beard   View Photos   Email   San Juan Capistrano, CA

Eric M Renard   View Photos   Email   Sherman Oaks, CA

New York born. Went to Tufts University in Boston. I live in Los Angeles with my daughter.

Alan Crosthwaite   View Photos   Email   San Marcos, CA

I enjoy a wide range of digital photography from macro to panoramic. I bring my Nikon D800E along each day and often capture life as it happens. My photographic web site and contact information here.

Royce Bair   View Photos   Email   West Jordan, UT

My clients have included General Motors, AT&T and IBM, and my photos have appeared in National Geographic, Reader's Digest, and American PHOTO. Sounds great, but that life can be stressful. I'm now shooting my own self-assigned stock and loving it. Want to know more?

Jenna Voetsch   View Photos   Email   Medford, Oregon

I'm a beginning photographer, but I have an excellent role model and idol when it comes to photography: my uncle, Fred Voetsch. I've been taking pictures off and on for years, selling them to my uncle to upload, but now that I finally have my own account, I'm hoping to upload a lot more of my own photos. You can learn more about me Here.

Judy Johnson   View Photos   Email   Skandia, MI

An artist all her 58 years, worked w/publishers & toy cos since 1984, writing articles & painting paper dolls. Incl: B. Shackman, Dover Publ, Magicloth Toy, Schylling Toy, nat'l magazines,& book publ... She houses literal tons of vintage images, & loves to find ways to share them. Acclaim Images is such a place. More @ www.papergoodies.com

Nathaniel Young   View Photos   Email   Salt Lake City, UT

I am an outdoor adventure sport photographer. I love to capture people enjoying nature to its fullest. I also shoot a lot of landscapes and close ups of the amazing details of nature. If you need any photos of rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, or mt. biking, please look at my photos here or visit my website www.cruxphoto.com.

Bill Stevenson   View Photos   Email   Truckee, CA

Justin Kosman   View Photos   Email   Geneseo, IL

Based out of Southern California, Justin is the editor of Twenty BMX magazine and serves a wide range of cycling magazines from road, mountain, track, and BMX. He went to school in Chicago, IL and worked underneath Steve Woltmann - an elite sports photographer for ESPN, Sports Illustrated and many professional teams. Kosman moved out to California in 2003 and currently resides in Huntington Beach, CA.

Alastair Worden   View Photos   Email   Montgomery, AL

I asked for a gift and photography showed up in my life the very next day. I spent over 20 years as a Coast Guard photojournalist and now dedicate my time to being a freelance photographer. I combine my passion for Fine Art Photographer and my skills as a photojournalist to further my career as a photographer. I just finished co-photographing “California Missions,� with Randy Leffingwell.

Douglas Pulsipher   View Photos   Email   Salt Lake City, UT

I became a photographer after my cowboy career fell through.
They wouldn't let me keep the pony.

I've worked in both commercial and stock photography for many years.

My hobbies include counting to infinity and de-clawing cats (but not at the same time).

Sara Richards   View Photos   Email   Tooting Bec, London

I am a photographer from London, just now becoming known in Europe and the USA. My commissioned work includes portraiture, magazine and advertising location shoots around the world. Since child hood I have held a love of photography, which grew during my art college training and advertising days as an art director. During my travels I've created a portfolio of personal photography.

Marc Adamus   View Photos   Email   Corvallis, OR

Not as experienced as some, but more determined than most, I willingly hike days to get my shots. In time I will be known for my landscape and nature photography. My style usually involves trekking into the wildest places to see the natural world never photographed. As well, I like to take a new perspective on some much photographed icons. Places days from trails and roads are my favorite though. I love the fast and light style of 35mm format. Recently I have employed PS technique to help optimize my images, and am moving fully digital soon (more time in front of computer - ACK!). My images showcase the landscape at its most magical moments in brilliant color and light. I am a contributor to over a dozen online photo sites and have been published locally. Right now I am more interested in taking images and choose to spend half my year or more in the field.

Mark Kerrison   View Photos   Email   Norwich, UK

Diana Allred   View Photos   Email   Eagle Point, OR

I am an amateur photographer and an admirer of many of the contributing photographers at Acclaim. My camera is a Digital Sony F717 Cybershot; I also have an Epson 9600 large format printer and handle the (print) order fulfillment for Acclaim. You can order enlargements and canvas prints at Allreds Photo.com

Jerry Kane   View Photos   Email   Kailua-Kona, HI

I’ve been using underwater cameras since 1987 to photograph marine animals in their natural environment. Similar to portraits of people with the subject’s eyes as a focal point, I try to make pictures in which the viewer can make eye contact with my sea life subjects. Sea life has a colorful and elegant beauty, and my goal is to capture that special beauty with my camera.

Peter Casolino   View Photos   Email   Hamden, CT

I have been a full time photographer for 15-years, shooting for a large daily newspaper in Connecticut, but my real passion is working on illustrations and fine art images. Recently I have co-authored 14-childrens' books and recently was involved with the America 24/7 digital photojournalism project. I am currently working on several long term fine art projects and a documentary project. Stock is quickly becoming my primary career. I love idea of solving problems visually, and giving stock clients unusual, stylized artwork. Finding beauty in everyday life. I have a beautiful four-year-old son and work out of the New Haven, Connecticut Area.

Craig X Sotres   View Photos   Email   Los Angeles, CA

I was originally exposed to photography as a model in the fashion industry. The other side of the camera intrigued me and I slowly switched careers, eventually becoming the staff photographer for VOGUE Mexico in NYC. Twenty years later I split my time between Mexico, New York and Los Angeles, where I now live, pixel pushing my way through life.

Sidney Smith   View Photos   Email   Portland, OR

I've been a commercial photographer for almost 30 years, specializing in beautiful light, luminous light, slanting light, defining light.

Patrick F Kennedy   View Photos   Email   Spokane Valley, WA

Leah-Anne Thompson   View Photos   Email   PENRITH, NSW

Hello my name is Leah-Anne and photography is my passion and delight.

Daniel Vineyard   View Photos   Email   Provo, UT

Zachary Huang   View Photos   Email   Okemos, MI

I am a biologist who has studied honey bees since 1982. Naturally I want to capture their beauty also with the lens. I specialize in macro photography, mostly of honey bees, and occasionally other insects and flowers.

Silvia Bukovac Gasevic   View Photos   Email   Zagreb, Croatia

Angela Pratt   View Photos   Email   Sacramento, CA

Advanced amateur photographer with a horticulture background (Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from University of California, Davis). My main camera is a Canon 5D Digital SLR. Visually, I'm drawn to horticultural images, the landscape, food, architecture and people. I find the world around me endlessly fascinating, and photography gives me an opportunity to interpret fleeting moments in a way that hopefully conveys my sense of wonder and deep appreciation.

David R Williams   View Photos   Email   Lahaina, HI

Working daily on the water gives me a unique opportunity to capture images of this constantly changing environment. Photography allows me to share my passion for the oceans and the natural world with others. Enjoy...

Alberto Ramella   View Photos   Email   torino, italy

I am a freelancer based in Turin, Italy. I work as a photoreporter since 1986. I am official photographer of Turin Opera House (Teatro Regio). I work also in italian and international soccer, reportage, portraits, corporate and adv. Actually I am working on a personal project of still-life about old & used objects from our daily life.

Toni Lankerd   View Photos   Email   Spring Lake, MI

First starting out with scenic images, my interests now range from landscapes to graphics and almost everything in between, both color and B&W. Living along the shores of Lake Michigan has provided me with an endless array of subjects, especially where nature is concerned.

Edward Greenberg   View Photos   Email   Northridge, CA

I was born in Russia, and came to United States as a child. My obsession with aquatic photography stemmed from my first love, aquarium keeping. First it was taking photos of fish, then later it was getting fish to take photos of. In 2003, I launched Aquatic-photography.com, still the best online resource for aquatic photography. My work has been published in many magazines in US and abroad.

Matt Garcia   View Photos   Email   London, UK

I am owner and lead photographer for a small photographic agency in London, UK. We cover a wide variety of commercial and consumer genres, but my main areas of interest are people, animals, the environment and music.

Jonathan Ayres   View Photos   Email   Cheshire, United Kingdom

I am a freelance photographer currently based in Cheshire, England, UK. I am a Nikon and Adobe registered professional photographer and a full member of the National Union of Journalists. My main subjects are wildlife and environmental subjects.

Dawn Hudson   View Photos   Email   Fowey, Cornwall

i am a freelance artist and love designing fun and whimsical images and trying different styles.

Della M Huff   View Photos   Email   Berkeley, CA

I specialize in atmospheric, romantic landscapes. My goal is to capture the essence of the environment I'm in. Currently, that environment is Boston, which is a very interesting subject because of its many contrasts.

Jenn Kennedy   View Photos   Email   Los Angeles, CA

As a full time freelancer, I end up shooting a range of projects, both for advertising and editorial clients. From portraits, to products, to interiors, I shoot it all! I also produce large scale fine art photos on canvas which sell through design stores.

Marli Wakeling   View Photos   Email   New Westminster, BC, Canada

I'm based in British Columbia, Canada, where nature is at its finest and the scuba diving is world class. My collection includes both underwater and topside photos from many areas of the world, including The Caribbean, South East Asia, Europe and of course, Canada. My photographs have been published in dive, travel, and photo publications.

Paul Clark   View Photos   Email   Bend, OR

Having photographed human adventure activities for years, I have forged a career for myself by documenting domestic animals. Specializing in animal lifestyle photography and pet portraiture, my studio, Bend Petography, strives to capture the essence of your Best Friend. We can learn much about ourselves and our culture by studying our pets.

Jen Best   View Photos   Email   Norfolk, UK

Hi everyone! I was formerly an English traditional artist until I discovered the wonders of a digital pallette, around seven years ago. Although I love photography, I still veer towards the artistic/creative side and enjoy illustrating fantasy pictures as well as cartoons etc. My photography and digital experimentation have taken me to places where I probably would never have ventured, in reality, and in my imagination.....Great!!! :-)

Jesse Farrar   View Photos   Email   FPO, AP

Jesse Farrar is a freelance photographer specializing in stock images with an emphasis on the Hawaiian Islands for editorial, commercial and multimedia use.

Felipe Rodriguez   View Photos   Email   Sevilla, Spain

Life's but a shooting shadow...

Mitchell Brown   View Photos   Email   ,

I am a self taught photographer with over 20 years of experience. I enjoy a broad spectrum of subject matter and photographic styles.

J Tex   View Photos   Email   Des Moines, Iowa

Please feel free to contact me with questions about images available here, or other images that you are seeking. I am also available for commission. Thank you.

Gary Perlmutter   View Photos   Email   Hertfordshire, England

I worked as a photograper for various studios during the seventies in advertising and commercial. In the eighties I ran my own phtographic studio, until I was hit by the recession and forced to close the business. Disillusioned, I hardly picked up a camera for many years, until 1997 when I bought my first digital camera This rekindled my passion for photography and I haven't looked back since.

Ian Mitchinson   View Photos   Email   Cape Town, WC

Ian Mitchinson is a professional photographer that is based out of Cape Town South Africa. Ian runs the downtown studio called Westside Studio, and specializes in Wedding, Portraiture, Fahsion and Stock Photography. For the past 10 years Ian has worked as a photographer and has had assignments in India, Canada, UK, and South Africa. Recently Ian was featured on the BBC news for his work on Lambadi tribals in India.

Simon Belcher   View Photos   Email   Faringdon, Oxfordshire

I have been a photographer since 1998. For the past few years I have been working full time as a stock photographer and photojournalist. Although I am from the United Kingdom I spend most of my time working in Eastern Europe. I seem to live my life looking through a lens, an arrangement I am very happy about....

Mat Zain Abdullah   View Photos   Email   Sungai Buloh, Selangor

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a self-taught photographer who is fond of shooting architecture, nature and travel images. Photography teaches me to value the beauty of nature more and it teaches me to be more patient. Photography is my part time job but full time passion.

Robert T Goode   View Photos   Email   Lindenhurst, IL

I began taking photographs at a very young age, at a time when I aspired to be a fine artist. My intent was to use my own photographs as reference for my paintings, because I wanted the finished works to be completely my own personal vision, offering me the chance to capture and share a unique view of the world around us

Robert Manley   View Photos   Email   Sanbornton, NH

I am a working professional photographer in the New England area. I specialize in architectural, landscape and panoramic photography. I am also an avid winter hiker, having hiked all of the 48 4000’ summits in the North East White Mountains allowing me to shot extreme winter mountain images, along with images from my travels.

Geo Martinez   View Photos   Email   Anaheim, CA

Photographer since high school. I loved it when people tell me, I look great in your camera!. I used to collect those old tanks, Nikon F and Leicas. Loved to rub them and use them for self-defense too -- something I can't do with my DSLR now. Photography lets one envision life in so many different perspectives.

Paul Whitehead   View Photos   Email   Bangkok, Thailand,

Paul specializes in a single subject matter - Thailand.

Nir Alon   View Photos   Email   ,

... implementing my passion out of Jerusalem, Israel.

Magnus Larsson   View Photos   Email   Gothenborg,

Hello. I'm a Swedish photograper at 32 years of age. I do like to take photography to the edge, like hispeed photos. Best regards Magnus Larsson

Ashley Chaplin   View Photos   Email   ,

I am based in Portsmouth, England. I mainly do travel / landscape / reportage style photography but I don't limit myself to any particular discipline. I just love recording the beauty and complexity of the world around me. I started taking photography seriously in 1994 back in the days of darkrooms and chemical processing. I now use a digital SLR and a Mac computer. Still loving it. Still making mistakes.

Nancy Angermeyer   View Photos   Email   ,

Nancy Angermeyer is an artist and a photographer. Her fine art images of the figure are multi-layered with natural, architectural or sculptural imagery. Provocative, psychological and beautiful images are created manifesting the human spirit. With a background in the fine arts, specifically painting, her photographs are visually strong in design and have an illustrative quality.

Benjamin Carlier   View Photos   Email   Gent, Belgium

Born and raised in Belgium, Benjamin Carlier undertook a first independent trip through Europe at the age of 17. He already visited over fifty countries and is keen to keep this habit going. He loves photography, in particular unusual images in unusual places, and is very happy with his new toy bought in Hong Kong. More info here

Dick Lundholm   View Photos   Email   Ivins, Ut

The fainter the trail the better! My passions are remote hiking and photographing connections to our past as well as the natural world around us. I'm especially inspired by breathtaking landscapes early and late in the day.

Linda Wright   View Photos   Email   Monmouth, Monmouthshire UK

I live in Wales in the UK and after a short spell in 2004 when I worked as a volunteer in a birds of prey centre, I gained a passion for photographing raptors. Although I work full time as a Biology teacher, I enjoy working with these birds in my holidays. My aim is to capture their spirit in digital images - a noble ambition!!

Ahmad Faizal Yahya   View Photos   Email   KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

A self tought photographer hailed from sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Do not mislead by the pic, I shoot exclusively on Nikon digital SLRs. Owned a couple of Nikon DSLRs - D300 and D70 and several lenses as well. Fave subjects : People, landscape, nature, macro and sports.

Andre Nantel   View Photos   Email   ,

I live in Montreal where I work as a biomedical researcher. Possibly because of my scientific training, I am completely unable to come up with an artistic statement.

Tim OBrien   View Photos   Email   Cherryville, NC

I started photography as an extra credit class in high school and ever since was hooked. Since then 20 years has quickly flown by and I still continue to learn. I operate a 2400 sq ft studio in the foothills of the Carolinas approx 40 miles west of Charlotte. I primarily work commercial projects and love working with children of all ages.

Alex Shapiro   View Photos   Email   ,

Israel is a neverending source of subject matter. I simply draw from it.

Jeff Sokolowski   View Photos   Email   New York, NY

I am New York based photographer, retoucher and image creator specializing in product, portrait and travel images. I have been shooting digitally since 1996 for a wide range of clients. From creative development, and pre-production through final delivery, I pride myself on creating quality images on time and on target.

Phil Rice   View Photos   Email   ,

I am a self taught photographer with a love of travel. Luckily the two go hand in hand and I am at present pursueing both passions on a long trip in Central and South America (over two years).I like people, wildlife and landscape photography, plus anything macro. Shots with a different angle interest me and im obsessed with colourful things. www.philrice.co.uk

Francesco Survara   View Photos   Email   Rome, Italy

I'm a freelance photographer living in Rome, Italy.I mainly do people, landscape and concept.I worked for editorial projects, carrying out some books cover and also in the advertising field, producing images for ACI Italia. I love medium format and working with photoshop.If you have any requests, i accept assignments.More info here

Bob Jensen   View Photos   Email   Canoga Park, CA

Bob is an award-winning photographer who has built his photographic library with the use of his Nikon system, Fuji S3 pro digital camera and White-Lightning strobes. Bob is a trained entomologist and uses his knowledge of the subject to specialize in photographing God's miniature world of insects and arachnids. Capturing on film what the Creator has spoken into existence.

James Strobel   View Photos   Email   Des PLaines, IL

I started my commercial/industrial photography business in 1984. I saw the digital age coming in 1992 & quickly grew to the point where digital imaging became my primary business.

Steve Ohlsen   View Photos   Email   West Valley City, UT

I am a freelance stock photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of my great enjoyments in life is photography. Many subjects intrigue me, but my focus is mainly in Recreation/Leisure, Holiday/Seasonal, Human Interest, Health/Fitness, Still Life and Abstact. I've recently made the transition from slide film to digital. I'm loving it. I now shoot with the Canon 30D DSLR.

Alex Gore   View Photos   Email   Parrish, FL

Aerial photorgaphy is my passion. I maintain and update a large aerial stock file on Florida coastline and attractions.

Bianca Thomas   View Photos   Email   Cincinnati, OH

Nature Photography allows me to create moments on film or digital media. I take shots uneven and natural as they are. My eyes are photographers dreams the way in which I see the world through photography.

Michele Bernasconi   View Photos   Email   Stein, Switzerland

I'm a semiprofessional photographer located in Switzerland. My main topics are travell and natur photography in central europe and scandinavia. Since 2001 I'm working digital (Nikon D1x and now Canon 1D MKII).

Michael Hansen   View Photos   Email   Porterville, CA

I specialize in landscape and nature photography. Living in close proximity to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks gives me access to some fine subject matter. I spend much of my spare time in these surrounding mountains and wilderness areas looking for unique situations and sweet light.

Peter Albrektsen   View Photos   Email   Ontario, Canada

Dan Walters   View Photos   Email   Lakewood, CO

I have been shooting wildlife for about 12 years. I really enjoy photographing wildlife because of the rich diversity of the geography and the wildlife.

Paula Showen   View Photos   Email   New Port Richey, FL

Owner of Showmar Photography, located in New Port Richey, Florida. I am a freelance photographer, specializing in maternity, infant and children's portraiture.

John Christopher   View Photos   Email   Camas, WA

(Photo updated 4/7/13) I have been passionate about Photography since the early 60s. The passion was rekindled with the advent of digital photography, and the computer-darkroom. I live and work in one of the world’s most photogenic areas, the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and my recent focus has been the untamed beauty of this majestic land and its gleaming cityscapes.

Mark Hayes   View Photos   Email   Aurora, CO

Have been active in photography for about twenty years now, making the move to digital around 2001. I'm pretty much a generalist as far as subject matter goes, I've shot a bit of everything over the years. I enjoy flower and insect macros, nature and urban scenics, doing traditional stock photography work, portraits, model portfolio work.

Joem Costes   View Photos   Email   Honolulu, HI

I'm a senior software engineer and web developer for a startup company that is based in Hawaii and San Francisco. I'm an Amateur photographer with a passion for water sports photography especially surfing. I try to get into other photography (wedding, modeling, etc) but having a behind the desk job doesn't allow much time for other things. Prior to moving to Hawaii I was based in New York City working for Fortune 500 firms. Painting the town red almost every weekend. Enjoying the cold winter month snowboarding. Then eventually decided to move to Hawaii to change my lifestyle from the cold city life to a warm island lifestyle. These are my photos. Aloha!

Bob Pardue   View Photos   Email   Lancaster, SC

Bob Pardue is a graduate of NY Institute of Photography and specializes in travel, female teen lifestyle, beauty, glamour and fashion. Bob's photos have been published in the USA and abroad. He is located in upstate South Carolina and travels extensively across the USA.

Richard Carey   View Photos   Email   Valrico, FL

Photographer Richard Carey's works range from simple photographic celebrations of life to complex digital worlds that transport the mind of the observer inside the frame for further exploration. His pursuit of natural beauty is intertwined with the creativity of digital manipulation. The result is an endless stream of fantastic images. - Kris Kline, Director - GalleryNow.com

Jim Lane   View Photos   Email   Lexington, KY

I shoot a variety of images, but concentrate on digital stock photographs of the beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass region. My photos have appeared in publications in several countries of the world. I am also a Grand Prize winner of the NikonNet Publish Your Passion photo contest.

Krys Bailey   View Photos   Email   Southampton, UK

A geographer by education, my inspiration has always been mountain landcapes - favourite locations being Northern Italy, Chile and Peru. I also enjoy photographing animals, attempting to capture their personality and of course the artist in me cannot resist the allure of flowers...

Robert Zuber   View Photos   Email   Battle Ground, WA

Tom Croke   View Photos   Email   Dennis, MA

I'm a professional photographer with many years of experience in the fields, of corporate, editorial, sports, location, portrait and fine art photography. I have a passion for photography and am alway taking photographs. E-mails from other photographers are always welcome. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts (USA) where I am surrounded by many yet to be taken photographs.

David Page   View Photos   Email   Limousin, France

I am a professional photographer based in France. I love the way photography makes you really look at things, it's like having a different pair of eyes. Please feel free to contact me for commissions or for further information on any of my work.

Robert Brown   View Photos   Email   Astoria, OR

After careers as both a university professor and stock broker/investment manager, I'm turning my attention to photography. In addition to shooting stock, I also show my work frequently in galleries, making b&w prints in a traditional wet darkroom and color prints on Epson 2200 and 7600 printers. I have a passion for travel, reading, writing, and good food and wine.

Scott Watters   View Photos   Email   Plano, TX

Scott Watters holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the California State University, Sacramento. His primary focus is on fashion and portrait photography both in studio and natural light settings.

Antonio Jorge Nunes   View Photos   Email   Amarante, Portugal

Born in Angola, moved to Portugal at the age of 3. Landscape photography is my true passion and I'm always searching for the perfect moment in the perfect spot.

Wendy White   View Photos   Email   Yelm, WA

I Specialize in North West Traditions and the people that keep them alive,creating images that illustrate the people, the places & the regional events of this area.

Ken Hurst   View Photos   Email   Waxahachie, TX

During my years in college I was given a Kodak Retina Reflex IV camera that had a broken light meter and that camera's simplicity and the lack of automation was probably the best thing for helping me to learn fundamentals of photography. Near the end of a career in public school band directing, I hope to make my other love become my next career.

Mick Sargent   View Photos   Email   Hastings, England

I came late to photography in 2004,with a Nikon 4200 compact. Now armed with a Nikon D80, D50 and a bag full of Nikon and Minolta 35mm SLRs, plus a medium format Bronica ETR,I'm making up for lost time.The buzz I got from my first sales was electric, and continually striving for 'the picture'is addictive. With France just 45 miles away, mainland Europe is at my fingertips. I make several excursions a year.

Tandy Sean Arnold   View Photos   Email   Quebec, Canada

Spending several years shooting fashion and events in New York City and in Montreal and working for publications such as Details and Esquire, Tandy Sean has always made time for his personal projects on the side. His interest in photojournalism has led him to Shanghai where he is presently the head photographer for www.trippinmag.com, an online travel magazine based out of NYC and Hong Kong.

Victoria Best   View Photos   Email   Franklin, TN

I adore photography and art in general. I photograph everything and especially enjoy manipulating my photos in PhotoShop to see what ways I can change them and make them look different. I am passionate about what I do and always strive to do something a bit different than the last time I did it. At any time I am involved in several art projects to keep my artistic juices flowing. Photography is definitely more than just a hobby to me!

Kris DAmico   View Photos   Email   Franklin, TN

Wee   View Photos   Email   Singapore, Singapore

Clean lines. Sophistication in simplicity. Understated elegance with a hint of fun. My design ideology in a nutshell. A blank canvas. The conception of an idea breaks visual silence. It takes shape, I fill in space. My language is geometry and I translate the abstract into the concrete, materializing a dream.

Chuck Goodenough   View Photos   Email   Sherman Oaks, CA

I've been shooting in Los Angeles for about 20 years as a commercial and advertising photographer. I now shoot mostly apparel & accessories for garment manufacturers.

GhostWorx Images   View Photos   Email   Louisville, KY

Bill Baker operates GhostWorx Images in Louisville, Kentucky and shoots primarily commercial illustration, travel and stock images.

Laurie Meehan Elmer   View Photos   Email   Seminole, FL

I'm a Florida based photographer that specializes in Pet Portraits and Veterinary related images. Living on Florida's Gulf coast, I spend my share of time shooting Nature and Wildlife too. I have a fine art background and have been influenced by many different artists, mediums and genres. I'm currently shooting with a Nikon D2X and mostly Nikor lenses. My website is www.lmeimages.com

Kathleen Nelson   View Photos   Email   Middleburg Heights, OH

After retiring from my life-long career, I decided the time had come for me to turn my passion for photography into my new career. I have taken numerous photographic courses and attended workshops throughout the U.S. I enjoy photographing babies, small children, family life, still life and products, as well as the many beautiful and interesting things right close to home in Ohio.

Rick Lord   View Photos   Email   Salem, OR

Rick has designed the lighting for hundreds of television commercials, features and independent films. His study and knowledge in the unique art of 'painting with light' produces a distinctive photographic signature. Venues are currently editorial, advertorial, magazine, commercial, stylized portrait and event photography. Tools: Canon 1D Mark III, 5D, 20D A good compilation of glass and implements.

John G Blair   View Photos   Email   Occidental, CA

I have been a professional photographer for over 35 years. I live in a rural area in Northern California with my wife and 3 dogs. Besides being a full time photographer, I enjoy writing and have begun writing photography books. In my spare time I am a volunteer firefighter. Here I am with Sequoia, one of my studio assistants.

Joshua Anderson   View Photos   Email   Chillicothe, OH

I began studying photography at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, while earning a degree in education. The genre that I am most passionate about revolves around the theme of nature. Wildlife, landscapes and the interactions between man and nature are what seems to be my focus at this point. I am an avid traveler and love visiting new places.

Maria Bell   View Photos   Email   Oakville, Ontario

Artist and photographer Maria Bell is a New Yorker currently living in Oakville, Ontario Canada with her husband, and two very tiny dogs.

Inspired by the whimsical world of children and animals, Maria's canvas has evolved from paint and brush to keypad and computer screen. Though she developed and perfected her artform to comply with modern technology, Maria's heart remains true to her pen and ink beginning as an artist trainee at Walt Disney Studios. Just like the artist, her paintings and photographs are colourful and creative.

Her love of dogs can be seen in her upcoming book "Dogs of Oakville". To learn more visit her website at www.2tinydogs.com.

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